Cell Phone

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

To preserve the integrity of the Club and out of respect for all members and their guests, the use of cell phones for verbal communication is not permitted in the Clubhouse, Patios, Men's Locker Room Bar or Lounge, Ladies' Locker Room Lounge, or any public areas of the Club
Verbal communication is restricted to the Locker Room (locker area only), personal car, and parking lot areas.  

Cell phones are permitted on the golf course, but limited use and must be on vibrate with low volume.  

If a member or guest must have his or her cell phone while on the golf course or practice range, then it must be in silent mode.  If a cell phone must be used on the golf course, please do so discreetly to assure that the rest of the group is not disturbed and the order of play is maintained.  

Membership and guests should be understanding of noise as it relates to cell phone and music speaker usage.  Music speaker volume must be confined to the golf cart.  Anyone using a music speaker shall obtain the consent of everyone in his or her groups, as well as groups around them.  Members are responsible for the volume of the speaker at all times.  All members and guests must be considerate of all surroundings.