Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

Appropriate golf club casual attire is acceptable at all times for lunch and dinner. Members and their guests must wear golf slacks, skirts or Bermuda/walking shorts no more than 3 inches above the knee cap and collared shirts, turtlenecks or mock necks.  Tights, short shorts, cut off shorts, athletic shorts, cargo shorts or pants, tee shirts, and tank tops are not permitted.  Abbreviated clothing is also not permitted.

Beach flip flops and athletic type shoes (sneakers) are not permitted in ANY dining areas. 
Casual shoes that include Van type, golf casual shoes, fashion sneakers and boat style shoes are permitted.

No spiked golf shoes are allowed inside the Clubhouse.
Golf shoes are permitted on Outside Porch and Patio areas.

Golf Club Casual:  golf shirts, polos and button-down shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Mock turtlenecks and other appropriate golf shirts, are allowed.  

Golf-specific hooded sweatshirts are permitted in the locker room and golf course only.  Sweatshirts, hoodies or golf-specific hoodies are NOT allowed in any dining area of the Club.  

Women are allowed to wear black and white denim material pants with no visible tears or rips.  Blue denim or denim jackets in any color are not acceptable.  Tights/leggings, short shots, beachwear, tank tops, tee shirts, or other dresses not normally associated with public dining area unacceptable.  Hoodies are NOT allowed in any dining area of the Club.

*Gentlemen must remove their hats and visors while entering the Clubhouse, Locker Rooms and while utilizing any member dining areas; this includes the Patio, Patio Bar and/or Porch areas. 

*Dress code must be adhered to in all area of the Club property, including Pro Shop, Driving Range, Halfway House, or when stopping into the Pro Shop or picking up a family member.

Members are responsible for their guest's attire at all times. Children over seven years of age must comply with the dress code.